Projet de fin d’études (PFE) : Interview avec le CEO : « Anthony Abou Antoun »
19 January, 2022
Projet de fin d’études (PFE) : Interview avec le CEO : « Anthony Abou Antoun » « Artists & More » Présenté par : ELIO TABIB Présenté à : Dr Christian Dianoux Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth Université de Lorraine - IAE DE METZ
Despite all the obstacles they encountered in 2021, Artists and More, a Lebanese entertainment company also operating in Dubai, has yet to establish itself in the Middle East market.

Founded by Anthony Abou Antoun, Artists and More specializes in the industry with the aim of rediscovering the concept of entertainment "by providing a new generation of special executions to inventive, youthful and like-minded thinkers around the world." 

Q1- Who is Artists & More?
-A1: “We are Artists and More Entertainment, the leading entertainment company based in the Middle East. Promoting shows for top DJs and artists around, the world including Unite With Tomorrowland, Elrow Ibiza, NRJ Music Tour, Virgin Radio, Jonas Blue On Ice, The Frozen City World Tour, Mont Blanc, L'Oreal Paris, Hilton Hotels, Mix FM and much more. A team of insight-driven, innovative experts and creatives, on the constant outlook or the latest trends in the industry. Bringing you exclusive talents to create an out of this world experience. All of our offerings are produced In-house with Custom Creations. We consist of a creative team of casting agents, costume designers, choreographers and coordinators with a vast wardrobe selection of over 10,000 alluring costumes. We also produce custom creations tailored to our clients needs. Providing hundreds of Festivals, Parades, Gala Dinners, Product Launchings, Corporate Openings, Malls Activations, Birthdays and much more unique encounters and variety acts to all types of events. Artists & More has transformed into a company, that consists more than 600 international artists.Artists & More Entertainment proudly awarded as the BEST arts & entertainment company in the Middle East for 2020 & 2021 according to MEA Markets Business Awards” .

Q2- How did you come up with the idea of this company?
-A2: “I got the idea from my mother’s company “Crazy Events”, since it has been in the industry for 17 years producing shows for families and kids. It has been the number one kids entertaining company in Lebanon and the oldest in the middle east.”

Q3- What’s artist and more Mission & Vision?
-A3: “Our Mission is to Redefine the concept of entertainment by providing a new generation of distinctive services to inventive, youthful and likeminded thinkers around the globe. Artists and More Entertainment is more than a "company" It's an experience. We provide our customers with unmatchable selections while prioritizing top quality executions and satisfaction guaranteed. We engage inventively to transform and connect every soul we reach through art and music.
Our vision is to inspire and transport every imaginative mind into a new unconventional world. We aim to be the leading production and entertainment providers in the Middle East. We envision a future of peace, love and unity in our society.”

Q4- What are your strengths & weaknesses?
-A4: “Our strength is that we have a variety of productions that we usually work on, and the huge marketing campaigns that we do for our shows. We work in a very professional way that’s why we don’t have any kind of weaknesses.”

Q5-Who are your main competitors in this field in Lebanon?
-A5: “To be honest there are no main or direct competitors because there’s no companies that do promotions for shows and concerts and that sell entertainment for private events. 
Q6- Who is your main target audience?
-A6: “Our target audience is divided by two: the teenagers and the party people (Age range between 18 y.o and 25 y.o) and we have as well our potential clients, corporates and weddings (Age range between 28 y.o and 50 y.o)”.

Q7- What are the tools that you use in your marketing strategy?
-A7: “ We mainly work on our communication strategy by using Facebook ads, Instagram promotions, Google ads, SEO, Live streams, outdoor campaigns, TV ads, News Reports, Press release, Billboards, Roaming trucks, Brochures in delivery centers such as McDonalds, Roadster... We also buy the popcorn boxes in cinemas and rebrand them by putting our logo and theme on them, we place as well ads before screening the movies in the theaters, and we sponsor events. As well we do radio campaigns and road shows with competitions.”

Q8- What’s your objectives while creating your campaigns? 
-A8: “Our objective is to create very interactive content in order to show people in real life how our shows are prepared and made, the high quality of productions and the difference between us and other companies and always showing why we got awarded as the best entertainment company in the middle east in 2020-2021”.

• I know you have recently opened a branch for your company in the UAE:
Q9-Do you use the same marketing strategy and tools there?
-A9: “No of course it’s not the same marketing strategy but we use the same brand identity. We use a more conservative approach and projects revolve more around families and corporate oriented entertainment.”

Q10-What are the difficulties that you have faced in this new market?
-A10: “We are facing a huge amount of entertainment companies there because they’ve been established in the market for over 10 years. But they do not own the same style that we produce, so that’s an advantage for us.”

Q11- Are you willing in the future to expand in other countries and markets?
-A11: “Yes, of course other countries in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt. In the future we would like to enter the entertainment capitals such as Vegas, Ibiza, Mikonos...”

Interpretation & Conclusion:
As a conclusion, Artists and More are working in a very professional way to preserve their image in the entertainment industry locally and in the middle east. They are increasing their marketing strategies and their communication campaigns by expending their tools to target and reach their audiences all over the entertainment market and to continue evolving to stay the best and number one in this field and keep expending in many ways.
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