Lebanon’s Tattoo Festival Returns to Beirut Featuring Local and International Tattoo Artists
12 April, 2018
Lebanon’s only tattoo festival returns to Beirut for its 2ND edition on April 27 2018 for another success story taking place at Concrete 1994 in Sin el Fil.
For 3 consecutive days, this year’s festival will gather the best local tattoo artists in Lebanon including international artists for the first time to showcase their talents and various styles in one hub. Tattoo enthusiasts can get tattooed live on the spot and event attendees will experience the art of tattooing up-close to get their 360 degree knowledge of the process. Not only will tattoo lovers be able to get inked instantly live, they will be able to also enjoy a variety of activities ranging from international entertainment shows from UK, professional dance performers, art gallery section, contests, vendors, live Djs, exquisite drinks and food stands to keep them fueled throughout the event. A world class creativity to fill the mind and get artsy will be every attender’s take away because tattoo festivals are largely about networking, learning and celebrating the tattoo culture and everything related to it.

It all started for the first time in Lebanon and the Middle East on May 2017, tattoo artists got together to make the tattoo festival dream of many tattoo lovers a reality. Being the 1st to ever host a tattoo festival in the region, their aim will always remain to create awareness on the art of tattooing and portray the talent with everything that it entails. Marking people for life with ink as their weapon is their mission.

Last year’s first ever Tattoo Festival in Lebanon proved to be such a success that it was featured on 6 local media channels, international i24 perspective and made it on World Tattoo Events website, the biggest online platform that features tattoo events worldwide. 
With the entire buzz acquired last year, being a major talk on social media and with all the new sponsors on board, the festival is expected to have a breakthrough with the number of attendees this year. This amazing event is being sponsored by Monkey Shoulder & Sailor Jerry, Virgin Radio Lebanon, Artists & More entertainment, Art cages, Pipe brothers, JP design, Selfies Box, White gloves, Arc En Ciel, Anna Mekhitarian, The Key Apart Hotel, The Daily Star and Beiruting.com

Meet the industry’s most talented local artists and interested international artists gathered under one roof as they will be tattooing live for 3 long exciting days on April 27, 28, 29 at Concrete 1994 Sin El Fil from noon till midnight on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, event starts at noon until 10:00 PM with a closing party kicking off at 11:00 PM. So be ready to book your appointment to get inked on the spot. Tickets are on sale at the door and to all the tattoo clients getting inked at the event, they will not be paying entrance fee for the day!

Check the website for all the latest updates and to know more about the participating tattoo artists for this year. Ready to get inked?

Strictly above 18 years of age.
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