the Tour Across Lebanon Comes to a Record-Breaking End
February 14, 2024
Artists & More Entertainment "Christmas On Ice: The Tale of Emily Frost" Leaves Audiences Enthralled as the Tour Across Lebanon Comes to a Record-Breaking End
After a journey filled with enchantment, wonder, and heartwarming moments, "Christmas On Ice: The Tale of Emily Frost" concludes its remarkable tour across Lebanon. This extraordinary ice circus show, presented by Crazy Events and produced by Artists and More Entertainment, has left thousands of audiences spellbound throughout December 2023, marking a resounding success.

The tour featured a star-studded cast of gravity-defying acrobats, mesmerizing circus acts, and renowned figure skaters. The dedication and talent of these artists illuminated the stage, leaving an indelible impression.From the glittering opening night to the final breathtaking performance, "Christmas On Ice" has captivated audiences throughout Lebanon, transporting them to a world where dreams become reality.

Beyond the awe-inspiring performances, "Christmas On Ice" proudly supported various NGOs, including: Tamanna, Al Younbouh, Basma, Birds Nest, Brave Heart, Chance, Children's Cancer Center, Father Roberts Institute, Heart Wise, Himaya, Minaty, Saint Vincent, Sesobel, and SOS Children's Villages – by dedicating 10% of the show's capacity to brighten the holiday season for underprivileged and ill children in Lebanon. The show's success extended to its commitment to giving back, reinforcing the power of hope and togetherness.
"Christmas On Ice" stands as a testament to the limitless potential of human imagination, pushing the boundaries of live entertainment and redefining what's possible. The show's unparalleled combination of breathtaking acts, immersive storytelling, and heartwarming plots has left a lasting impact on all those who were fortunate enough to attend.

Supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon.

As the final curtain descends on 'Christmas On Ice,' Crazy Events and Artists and More Entertainment’s hearts are filled with anticipation and eagerness. The next chapter of their collaboration, promises to unveil yet another inspiring creation.

For those who may have missed this extraordinary spectacle, don't despair! The magic will continue to unfold with future productions brought to you by Crazy Events and Artists and More Entertainment.

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